Submission Guideline

Abstract submissions have now closed.

As you are prepared to submit an abstract for the APCNP event, please read each section carefully prior to submitting an abstract. If you have further questions, contact conference secretary :

General Information
  • Abstract type includes original article, review article, case report, meta-analysis and EBN.
  • Abstract title, abstract, and presentation focus should be original (not previously published or presented).
  • All abstract and presentation materials must be in compliance with international copyright laws.
  • The abstract can be submitted in only one of the following presentation types:

Oral presentation:

A 10-minute presentation and 5-minute discussion everyone by theme. (Presenters must handle all expenses related to your own presentation)


A digital presentation of research teams for display.

  • The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the abstract and agree its submission before submitting the abstract. All communications will be directed to the primary presenting author only.
  • A profile for each author (contact and biographical information) and disclosure form is need. These items are required of all authors listed on the submission. All required forms are available online through the abstract submission system.
  • Peer reviewers will be using a rubric to review your abstract submission. Only fully completed presenter profiles and abstract submissions will be reviewed, and the “Draft” abstracts will not into reviewed process.
  • The primary presenting author is required to register. If successfully reviewed, final abstract acceptance will be conditional upon registration by the primary presenting author.
  • Abstracts, presentation slides, and author information will be uploaded to APCNP’s Repository with the authors’ permission.
  1. Advanced nursing practice in all aspects
  2. Professional role and function in health care
  3. Professional education in health care
  4. Management, leadership and policy in health care
  5. Health care related issues
Guidelines for abstract submission
  1. Abstracts are to be submitted via the internet. Please following link:
  2. The abstract text should be no more than 400 words. (The title and authors’ information should be not including). If your abstract exceeds this length, it will not be saved.
  3. Please avoid diagrams, illustrations, tables, references or graphics in the abstract. If the subject matter is research article, the following structure is obligatory: Purpose, methods/case introduction, results/discussions, conclusions, clinical application.
  4. Please indicate 3-5 keywords for your abstract.
  5. The abstract should be highlighting the main points by authors’ issue to communicate.
  6. Abstracts and references should only be submitted in English.
  7. A maximum of six co-authors may submit a joint abstract.
  8. Applicants will be notified in 23 August 2023 that their abstract has been accepted.
  9. Those whose abstracts are accepted must register for the Congress by midnight CET 15 November 2023.Accepted abstracts will be eliminated from the programme after this date if registration and fee payment have not been received.
  10. All decisions on abstract acceptance are final. Once the decision has been rendered on an abstract, no further correspondence will be undertaken on the selection process.
Technical specification for E-Poster preparation

After APCNP notify you via email that your abstract has been accepted, please send your E-poster to the APCNP conference secretariat. The required format specifications are as follows:

  • File Format: 1 page PDF file.
  • Please create the file using Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • First, please create a slide in widescreen ratio of 16:9, then change the slide oreientation to portrait (vertical).

  • Detail instruction on how to change the page orientation in PowerPoint, please visit  here.
  • Font types: Arial, Calibri, Verdana Times New Roman or Helvetica.
  • Font size: 11 points or larger
  • Hyperlinks, animated images, animations and videos are not permitted
  • Images and tables: At least 200 dpi – good picture quality is essential;
  • When inserting images, photos, tables, etc., use copy-paste. Do not use embedded documents
  • Avoid overlapping objects and layers – only the final view/status will be visible
  • When saving your PDF please do not use symbols or special characters (ie. +/@/ü) in the file name
  • File size: Less than 5 MB
  • Please submit the file to before November 15, 2023
Abstract submissions have now closed.

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